Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greetings and well met. I am Dr. Bruce Balmer-Cohen, Phd, Dipl. ABT. This is the first step on what I hope to be a spiritually enriching journey. I have dedicated my life to helping people to embrace freedom through unconditional acceptance and understanding. This wonderful new electronic media will enable me to connect with other Free Thinkers, and also allow me to heal those that have been emotionally damaged by the bondage that is traditional western culture.

This is Mz. Gertrude Balmer-Cohen. She is my love, my life partner, my muse. Gert has known me since 1981, way back when I was an undergrad at UC Berkeley. Back then I was just an insecure shy kid with a stuttering problem and had no understanding of the world. Through Gert's firm guidance, I have become a confident man of the world who's not affraid to express his emotions.

This is my life, my joy, my legacy. This is my son, Che. Che's a grad student at Mills College studying multi-cultural awareness and sensitivity in education. I consider him a real "chip off the old block," and is most likely sired by me.

Welp, that's it for introductions. I'm off with Gert for another pro-choice rally down at the park. I'll post soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow man, thats so Anton Wilson.
If ya can't laugh at yourself
it's just not funny.
Great picture of Vermin.
See ya at the ailen cult mind control meeting. One love
Puffy Geezer

11:12 PM  

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