Wednesday, June 21, 2006

06-21-06: Greetings fellow Earth Citizens. Welcome all Free Thinkers and those in need of healing.

In today's post I hope to educate those that have been lied to by the propaganda machine of the United States. Many Americans beliefs are shaped by the xenophobic twistings of the Bush/Cheney agents of deceit. But we liberals are a bit smarter than most Americans, and we know where to get the real story.

We are are well aware that the media within our country is heavily censored to protect the illegal Bush oil regime (except for the brave people of Air America, of course). Gert and I have gone to great lengths to find free and honest news coverage from diverse international sources. Thanks to several satellite dishes mounted all over the side of our home, a short-wave radio, and the extensive periodical subscription list down at the UC Berkeley freedom library, we've been able to stay abreast of the heinous atrocities committed by the U.S.A capitalistic war machine.

Last night on channel 2989, we saw an revealing story from the Turkish news agency, Anatolia. They have PROOF that the 9-11 "terrorist attacks" were in fact a conspiracy organized by the Bush/Capitalist/Christian forces of oppression! Here's just a small excerpt of the points made by that insightful report:


The secretly planned demolition by explosives of building 7, just hours after the collapse of the twin towers, is now a matter of fact. The "planes" that struck the twin towers did no structural damage to building 7. There has NEVER been a recorded incident where a steel framed building collapsed from even a serious fire, and the fires in building 7 were very limited after the "attack". Video shows the collapse beginning with the roof penthouse, even though the fires were only on a few of the lower floors. These were undoubtedly arson fires, as the debris falling from the twin towers would have only set fire to the roof and upper floors. A deliberate, pre-planned explosive demolition is the ONLY explanation for the collapse of this building. Not surprising, the 9-11 Commission completely ignores this damning evidence in it's white-washed report.

After the show we did a quick google search to find the evidence the documentary spoke of. Here's what we found:

Later on channel 3302, we found an interesting exposee by Venpres, the Venezuela news agency, on the nature of neocon capitalism. Here's some highlights:

When George Bush and other greedy capitalists speak of spreading freedom to the world you must realize that they do not mean freedom in the sense that most of us understand it. We must read between the lines to see that they are speaking from the perverted, warped, sadistic language of capitalism. By freedom they do not mean a true democracy or the liberation of the oppressed. They mean the unfettered access to international markets through the use strong-arm tactics of military and economic forces. The majority of the world defines freedom in human terms. Greedy capitalists conceive of freedom in terms of corporate profits, access to trade markets, and absolute dictatorial rule to support their filthy financial interests. This is the face of the United States today, and how greedy capitalists view fair trade as it relates to human rights.

Not only did capitalism give birth to the idea of selfish corporations, it endowed them, with all of the rights of personhood and none of the social responsibility of actual citizens. The idea of corporate personhood has to be one of the most twisted and bizarre creations ever produced by western culture. The corporate culture of the USA is evil, it is a sociopathic monster, and it has wrecked destruction wherever its monstrous tread has touched free peoples.

This is Bush's vision of the future for the Venezuelan people. Recently, Venezuela had to offer an emergency shipment of oil to the United States to keep tens of thousands of it's elderly from freezing to death. One need only look at the wretched conditions his own poor citizens must endure under his tyranical rule to know that he is a force for evil and must be resisted.


We had so much hope during the 60's for building a compassionate tomorrow. How could we let our country come to this?! I actually burst into tears of shame during this show. Gurt wrapped her ample loving arms around me to comfort me. Slowly, my sobs abated and I was resolute to let the world know that not all Americans are evil. In fact, many of us stand shoulder to shoulder with those resisting the evil, torturing, greedy, war machinery of this administration.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? I was going to question some (many/all?), of your statements, but I actually don't even know where to begin!

My God!! You had best start conversing with people outside of your San Fransisco cliques.

5:36 PM  
Blogger TonyR said...

I've thought about getting satellites to expand my news coverage...

3:06 PM  
Anonymous buuly said...

The sad thing is...

this could be real!!

12:04 AM  
Blogger Chris C said...

Really enjoyed the differnt way in your expression. It is a good read.

I get it. Some dont, it is obvious.

Keep it up, we'll check often.


11:34 AM  
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